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Many of the systems in your home or office will rely on a well thought out dependable data network. If not done properly, network bandwidth can be wasted, intelligence and traffic control also will not be optimized. A well designed infrastructure can make networks, data centers and storage act as a unified system, and allow information to travel more efficiently for on-demand applications.



Home and Office Data networks. The backbone of your digital eXperience

Leviton has helped create the term Structured wiring and with their structured media panels your home or office will be prepared for video, voice, audio or data networks. For instance Leviton's 42" high unit can handle fax, Internet, multi-line telephones, security camera, coaxial cable and satellite video distribution, and speaker and volume controls.


Linksys was founded in 1988 with a vision that networking products would become an affordable commodity, allowing anyone to share documents, files, mail, and most of all, ideas between people. Over the past 14 years, Linksys has become THE leader in sales of wireless, routers, network cards and USB adapters to the Home and Small business user.


Cisco products are used throughout the world for robust switching. From enterprise level environments such as NASDAQ, to Joe's tool shop, CISCO has a smart product that can help with your switching and routing needs keeping you safe behind your own reliable firewall. This will help you breath easier as your data or content is protected from the outside world.


Safe Sound and Detail's Professionals are insured, certified by CEDIA, and licensed, by NYSFSUBC.



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