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Consider having a mult-room audio system in your home or business. Why not listen to what you want to hear in the room you want to hear it in....


Distributed Audio

Music Everywhere


Professional installers will typically work with our clients to coordinate their efforts with other contractors, such as architects, interior designers, and electricians to ensurethat the system blends into the home and office functionally and aesthetically. Wheras an off-the-shelf stereo system sits obtrusively in one's livingroom and serves only that space, a custom A/V system uses these components plus others to form a nearly invisible system providing music and video to any number of rooms.


Safe Sound and Detail will provide you with the components that best fit your needs and most of all your budget from zone systems that provide audio in two locations to complex multi-rooms audio systems.

Safe Sound and Detail's reputation as intelligent professional installers and designers for custom theaters, integrated networks, and security networks as well as affiliations and certified technicians, allow for a step by step comprehensive process and satisfiying esthetic results.





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