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Many of the systems in your home or office will rely on a well thought out dependable data network. If not done properly, network bandwidth can be wasted, intelligence and traffic control also will not be optimized. A well designed infrastructure can make networks, data centers and storage act as a unified system, and allow information to travel more efficiently for on-demand applications.


Home Automation

Home Automation is the art of blending consumer electronic technology within a structure that creates a marriage between the two that is not only functional, but acheives creative form as well

To achieve a truely "smart emvironment" NSS/SSD utilize all of the powerful products we have featured. With the combination of products and todays growing technologies like X10, A-Bus, C-Bus, ir, rf, 802.11 WiFi protocol, 802.3 wired protocol, and custom programming NSS/SSD provides integrated intelligent solutions for your controlled lighting, controlled environmental controls, audio, video, and security inorder to create a functional elegent automated environment.


Since 1985 HAI has been the leader in integrated security and automation products, providing comfort, convenience, and safety for homeowners and businesses around the world. Our multi-award winning product line includes the Omni family of controllers, consoles and touchscreens, lighting control switchs, software for control of your automation system (including Internet access), a full line of communicating thermostats, and an expanding line of accessories.
OmniPro II HAI Omnitouch HAI Omnistat



Lutron Lighting controls
Whether you're looking for ideas for a specific room, or interested in controlling all of your lights with a whole-home system, give yourself the unlimited freedom to change the light that surrounds you.

Grafik Eye lighting controls connect to several lights in a single room and are used in place of multiple switches. Light levels for the different activities that take place in a room can be programmed with a few button presses underneath the front cover. Ideal for home theaters, the control includes an infrared receiver so that the lights can be controlled by handheld remotes. Lighting controls let you control every light in the room with a single button. You can create different lighting scenes within any space by controlling lighting zones, and you can change lighting from one activity to the next by fading from scene to scene at variable rates-from instantly to one hour. Infrared wireless remote control conveniently puts total lighting control in the hands of the user.

Lutron Homeworks Keypad Lutron Grafik Eye








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