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.... You walk in the room with a bucket of popcorn which is warm against your chest. The smile on your face is not because the lights just dimmed, or the glow of the comming attractions project on the 10 foot screen in front of you, or the pure undisturbed soundtrack playing around you; but because you get the best seat in the house.
Anything is possible with your own custom home theater system.


Home Theater

Movies @ Home


Safe Sound and Detail will provide you with the finest in home theater technology. With names like Runco, Sony, Speakercraft, Nuvo, Audio Control, Niles, JBL, Russound, and many more, and with the experience of qualified certified technicians, we will help you fulfill any movie environment you require.

Home theaters have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Weather it is a small two seated room with a conservative look, to a miniture auditorium with seating for multiple guest, they all must be carefully planned in order to successfully exceed its expectation.

Safe Sound and Detail uses a 7 step to theater program that was adopted from teachings in CEDIA. These 7 steps take you through every detail of the theater process. Including acoustical eveluation, seat selection, through the construction stage to the trainning of the user interface or controller of the system.

Safe Sound and Detail's reputation as intelligent professional installers and designers for custom theaters, integrated network,s and security networks as well as affiliations and certified technicians allow for a step by step comprehensive process and satisfiying esthetic results.





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