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Providing yourself and your family with a sense of safety in your home is of utmost importance. You deserve the support a home alarm system can give. Living in a secure environment is what you and your family or business should have, and it is your right to choose a dedicated team of licensed professionals that understand the choices in advanced safety and surveillance technology with certifications and experience in performing and evaluating your environment.


Home and Office Security

The most succesful security systems are those that understand the first form of defence is preventive, and the best way to prevent a theif is to deter them. Safe Sound and Detail believes in integraded " preventive" security that includes security cameras with digital video recorders that can be accessed remotely through the intenet from the comfort of your home, vacation spot, or office, lighting controls that activate the first step past their perimeter range, and lastest technology, reliable alam systems from Ademco, NAPCO, and HAI.

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Safe Sound and Detail's Professionals are insured, certified by CEDIA, and licensed, by NYSFSUBC.









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