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Customizing our DIGITAL.World


An intelligent or "smart" home is a home that has been designed to manage intelligent home systems that require two way communications for interaction with the occupants for seamless performance in everyday life. These systems can include audio, video, and entertainment, communication, data, lighting controls, environmental controls, and of course security and surveillance. Consumer Electronics and the digital world, including computer data networks have been on a collision course for sometime, and now all major manufactures have some solution to help with digital convergence, whether it is a printer to help printing those pictures no one has seen since you took them, to devices that store thousands of those songs you downloaded and converted from your old tape collection.

As our digital lifestyles continue to develop and change with our tastes, age, and moods it is important to have professionals at hand that have a handle on today's and tomorrow's technologies with an understanding for detailed design that makes you see that intelligent technology matched with intelligent design in your home means that you can enjoy and benefit from all the comfort technology offers without seeing the technology.


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A Need For a Custom Installer?

Just what is custom installation? The "custom" industry consists of skilled professionals who design and install audio/video and other related systems in residential and commercial spaces. These systems differ from what you would buy in a retail store in that they are engineered to not only meet and fulfill the needs of the client, but to optimize performance while complementing the physical and aesthetic demands of the space - hence the term "custom". These systems can be configured to accommodate security, telephone, and other home systems while providing a user-friendly interface for the customer.

Professional installers will typically work with the client to coordinate their efforts with other contractors - such as architects, interior designers, and electricians - to ensure that the system blends into the home both functionally and aesthetically.

A simple comparison: Whereas an off-the-shelf stereo system sits obtrusively in one's living room and serves only that space, a custom A/V system uses these components plus others to form a nearly invisible system providing music and video to any number of rooms.







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