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Providing yourself and your family with a sense of safety in your home is of utmost importance. You deserve the support a home alarm system can give. Living in a secure environment is what you and your family or business should have, and it is your right to choose a dedicated team of licensed professionals that understand the choices in advanced safety and surveillance technology with certifications and experience in performing and evaluating your environment.


Security Alarms



Today it is more important to secure your personal property than ever. Safe Sound and Detail has a variety of security solutions for residential and commercial applications. Many solutions can work with other solutions we provide, allowing for intelligent system integration


NAPCO Systems are designed for intuitive ease-of-use. With the use of a phone, you can enter a pass-code and control your "smart" security system. Some keypad styles even refer to the rooms or areas of your home, as well as system usage tips, in plain English


Ademco security products are designed to work together seamlessly, 
Honeywell Security products provide you with everything you need to solve and support everything from the simplest to the most challenging security applications. .

Vista Family Symphony Honeywell 6270


Safe Sound and Detail's Professionals are insured, certified by CEADIA, and licensed, by NYSFSUBC.










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