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Providing yourself and your family with a sense of safety in your home is of utmost importance. You deserve the support a home alarm system can give. Living in a secure environment is what you and your family or business should have, and it is your right to choose a dedicated team of licensed professionals that understand the choices in advanced safety and surveillance technology with certifications and experience in performing and evaluating your environment.





Surveillance systems are important to the complete saftey of your home and business. Nss/SSD installs a complete line of surveillance cameras, DVR's and complete surveillance systems. From hidden cameras for covert use, both wired and wireless, to large surveillance systems for commercial security. We will explain the importance of camera selection, camera placement, to DVR technology, and remote connectivity. Contact us for consultation and a estimate for your custom Surveillance system.


Dedicated Micros Systems, are built on a foundation of versatility that satisfy a wide range of needs suitable for all budgets. Whether it's to control one door in a single building or hundreds of doors in multiple buildings over an expansive geographic area, Keyscan has a system that can meet your requirements.

DM Spriit2 9ch. DM DX16c DM DSS2plus 16ch.

Speco Technologies Offers Excellent surveillance cameras at an affoedable price. Speco cameras feature wheather proof bullet models with IR lights to see at night, high resolution color domes, and private cameras for those discrete locations.Contact the prefessionals at NSS/SSD to help find a suitable, professional, solution for your home or bussiness.

Speco CVC-627 Speco CVC-647 Speco CVC 572PIR

Samsung Electronics' security products are exported all over the world and enjoy a respectable reputation. In addition, these products account for about 30% of the national market share.

Samsung's Video Surveillance Systems can be used in any work place, home or anywhere that requires security surveillance. Samsung surveillance equipment is easy to work with, deliver clear video recordings and has tons of features. Get a piece of mind by having NSS/SSD install samsung surveillance equipment.

Samsung SCC131a Samsung SCC341a Samsung SCC 521 Samsung IP SNC100

Sony color cameras are specifically designed for surveillance and monitoring applications ranging from building and airport security to banking and retails stores, and more.

The Sony Networking Cameras, with broadband networking and Sony technology, you can see what's going on in distant parts of the world in real time, so you can intervene early and effectively when necessary. Leveraging the global reach of the broadband network for your benefit, Sony's Internet Protocol(IP) Monitoring Solution gives you maximum utility for minimum investment.

Sony Fixed Mini Dome Cameras are more discreet than non-dome security cameras, these dome cameras are ideal for surveillance sites such as building entrances, retail stores and shopping malls, where less noticeable video cameras are preferred.

Sony also has an innovative P/T/Z (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) solution that is part of their "Network Camera" Line-up.

Sony SSCCD33v Sony SSC-dc374 SONY SNC rz30n/s

Toshiba develops some of the newest technologies, including the cutting edge of digital video, which are being incorporated into the components the CCTV market most wants. This includes high-resolution color and black & white cameras, time lapse video recorders, dependable video monitors, Pan, TIlt and Zoom (PTZ) cameras, and DVR's with the ability to record up to 64 cameras with disk redundency for dependable back-up.

Toshiba IK645a Toshiba IK-dp20a Toshiba IK-65wda Toshiba Surveillix DVR

Safe Sound and Detail's Professionals are insured, certified by CEADIA, and licensed, by NYSFSUBC.




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